The Centre's Commitment to Total Accessibility
The Centre's overall accessibility has been very carefully planned to best meet the needs of our physically disabled patients, as well as the physicians and health care organizations seeking our unique services. Given the specialized nature of the Centre's services, our total accessibility has been developed based on specific physical, communication and transportation needs related to the comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic services we provide.

Our accessibility considerations are as follows:
Physical Accessibility
Building & Parking: The Centre prides itself in providing a "totally barrier free environment" for our patients. All parking spaces in the main patient parking area, at the entrance to the Centre, are designed for handicapped accessibility. The main parking area and entrance to the Centre is designed without ramps or steps. Furthermore, there are no steps within the entire building or entrances to the building. The main entrance of the building is covered by a drive-through canopy for dropping off patients in a weather-protected area. The main patient entrance is equipped with automatic, motion sensing, sliding doors for independent wheelchair accessibility. All hinged doors throughout the Centre's clinical patient area, and including the administrative and technical areas, are 35" in width to allow easy access for patients in wheelchairs or those using walkers or crutches. The clinical patient hallway is 61" in width to accommodate two passing wheelchairs. Patient restrooms are equipped with handrails and wheelchair accessible sinks. Additionally, a recessed, floor-level weight scale is provided for easily weighing any patient.
Communication Accessibility
Telephone: The Centre, besides having its 5-line rotating telephone system and local telephone access number (330-856-2553), also provides a toll-free long distance access number (888-856-8686), for those trying to contact the Centre outside our immediate calling area.

E-Mail: The Centre and its staff are easily accessible on the Internet via e-mail sent to or by clicking on the E-mail hyperlink on the Homepage (www.oandpcentre.com).

Mobile: The Centre's professional and administrative staff is also accessible in urgent or emergency situations via personal pagers and/or cellular phones.
Transportation Accessibility
Automobile: The Centre is located approximately 10 minutes from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport, which has commuter flights to and from Detroit International Airport, via Northwest Airlines.

Bus: The Greyhound Bus Station is conveniently located 5 minutes from the Centre in Warren, Ohio. For fare and scheduling information call their toll free number (800-231-2222). To contact the Warren terminal, call (330-394-9453).

Airplane: The Center is located approximately 10 minutes from the Youngstown/Warren/ Sharon Regional Airport, which has commuter flights to and from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Detroit International Airports. Also, we are within an hour and a half (1 ½) of both the Cleveland and Pittsburgh International Airports, which are major hubs for almost all domestic and international airlines.

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