Our Accreditation Commitment
The Centre is committed to assuring the highest level of competency in the unique services we provide. To meet this commitment, our Centre and its professional staff have achieved credentialing by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. (ABC). ABC is the preeminent orthotic and prosthetic credentialing organization in the United States. ABC's primary goal is to assure that orthotic and/or prosthetic practitioners, as well as the facilities they practice in, meet the highest minimum level of competency for the protection of individuals receiving orthotic and/or prosthetic healthcare.

Facility Accreditation: Our Centre is fully accredited by ABC to provide comprehensive clinical, technical and administrative orthotic and/or prosthetic services. This accreditation process involves meeting stringent standards in the following areas:
  • Organizational Governance and Administrative Management
  • Professional Staff Qualifications and Responsibilities
  • Patient Care and Management
  • Quality Assessment and Improvement
  • Facility and Safety Management
This accreditation informs both our patients, as well as our referral sources, that the highest level of patient care can and should be expected. Facility Accreditation is time limited and must be renewed on a regular basis. This accreditation process includes an on-site review by an ABC sanctioned Facility Accreditation Committee in the areas indicated above.

Practitioner Certification: Our practitioners are fully certified by ABC to provide comprehensive clinical and technical services related to the evaluation, design, development and fitting of orthotic and prosthetic devices. Their professional knowledge and skill for providing comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic healthcare services requires them to meet specific education, experience and skill requirements. Their certification process involves meeting stringent standards of care and treatment in the following areas of competency:
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Patient Management
  • Technical Implementation
  • Practice Management
  • Professional Responsibility
To acquire these competencies and achieve ABC certification, our practitioners must undergo a lengthy and dedicated process that includes education and experience, as well as demonstration of their skill/competency by examination. In addition to the above, our practitioners are also required by ABC to maintain a prescribed amount of approved continuing education to maintain their certification and assure continuing competency in the care they provide.

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