The Centre's History
The Centre was founded in Warren, Ohio, in December of 1974, by its present Executive/Clinical Director, John N. Billock, CPO. The Centre was the first full-service orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) facility in the Youngstown and Warren, Ohio area and only the 5th such facility in the State of Ohio to provide both comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic healthcare services.

Mr. Billock's reputation as a leading practitioner and researcher in the introduction of advanced upper limb and lower limb prostheses, as well as advanced upper limb, lower limb and spinal orthoses, have set the tone for the Centre's direction and commitment to providing quality O&P healthcare. The Centre's staff has continued to pursue Mr. Billock's clinical and research interests, especially in the areas of advanced myoelectrically controlled upper limb prostheses and the use of molded thermoplastic design concepts in the development of lower limb prostheses and orthoses.

When founded in 1974, the Centre was the first O&P facility to apply these advanced concepts and technologies in the State of Ohio and the first of only a handful of facilities in the United States. Since then, the Centre and its staff have continued to take a leading role in the development of new technologies and concepts, which are unique to the abilities of our staff and the needs of our patients.

The Centre and its staff have continued to gain national and international recognition for the highly specialized clinical and technical services they provide. Patients have been referred to the Centre for care from 38 States throughout the US and from 7 foreign countries throughout the world. Our commitment to providing quality care and developing orthotic and prosthetic devices which are practical and functional, have further enhanced our reputation as a recognized provider of cost effective, outcomes-oriented services. Our professional, technical and administrative staffs are highly skilled and committed to providing efficient care to patients seeking the comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic services we provide.

In keeping with the Centre's emphasis on "Restoring Lives with Today's Technology", we are proud of our staff's commitment and dedication to disabled individuals with acquired or congenital musculoskeletal and/or neuromuscular disabilities.
The Centre's Design Concept
Continuing the Centre's commitment to excellence and following nearly 3 years of planning and designing, we moved into our current state-of-the-art O&P facility in May of 1989, just outside Warren, Ohio. Our current location in Northeast Ohio was selected to provide greater accessibility for our patients traveling from local and regional destinations, as well as those traveling national and international destinations.

The Centre is a single-level, totally barrier-free facility of a contemporary design throughout. Its overall design and decor is intended to provide our patients and staff with a comfortably pleasing and efficient, positive atmosphere. The facility consists of nearly 10,000 square feet and includes a drive-under canopy at the entrance to provide easy access during inclement weather conditions. The building is designed for barrier-free access from the patient parking area and the canopy located at the main entrance to the Centre.

The Clinical, Technical, and Administrative Service Areas of the Centre have been designed to provide our patients with modern state-of-the-art facilities and services in keeping with the Centre's international reputation of leadership and excellence in providing comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation services. Additionally, the Centre has been designed to allow for future expansion, as necessary, of our varied and unique services.

Clinical Area
The main entrance easily accommodates our disabled patients with automatic sliding doors leading to our comfortable, roomy Patient Reception and Waiting Area which is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Our Clinical Services Area consists of nine (9) specialized examination and treatment rooms. These include a patient conference room, a pediatric services room, two (2) cast impression rooms, a mastectomy services room, a spinal and foot orthotic services room, a upper/limb prosthetic and orthotic services room, and two (2) lower/limb orthotic and prosthetic gait analysis and training rooms.

Technical Area
The Technical Services Area features a centralized orthotics and prosthetics laboratory surrounded by individual specialized laboratory areas for model development, model rectification, machine tooling, plastics fabrication, electronics, and CAD/CAM technical services. All technical services, including the design, development, fabrication, modification, repair, and maintenance of all orthotic and/or prosthetic devices are provided on site by the Centre's clinical and technical staffs.

Administrative Area
The Administrative Services Area consists of a spacious reception and business office area, five staff offices, and a staff conference room and library. The staff conference room is utilized for weekly scheduled clinical, technical and administrative staff meetings to coordinate all aspects of the services we provide at the Centre. It is also equipped for, and is utilized by, the Centre's staff for continuing education purposes. Additionally, the Administrative Services Area is fully computerized and equipped with the latest office equipment technology for maintaining and storing up-to-date clinical and technical records, as well as the handling of our patient's insurance claims and accounts.

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