Our Commitment to the Patient
The Orthotic and Prosthetic profession exists for the primary purpose of assisting disabled or injured persons in maintaining a quality of life consistent with their disability or illness. Our staff has the basic responsibility of making the greatest possible effort to satisfy the patient's orthotic or prosthetic needs. The practitioner's professional relationship with the patient, and manner in which orthotic or prosthetic care is provided, is the central focus for all ethical and professional conduct. The Centre's staff shall treat all patients and their family members or other caregivers with courtesy, respect and dignity.

The Centre and its professional or support staff shall not decline to accept patients on the basis of race, color, disability, religion or national origin or any basis that would constitute illegal discrimination.

Release of Information
All information relating to a patient's background, condition, treatment and/or management shall be held confidential by the Centre. While the orthotic or prosthetic management team may share information in the development and implementation of a treatment plan, such information shall not be released or discussed with others without the expressed written consent or permission of the patient and/or the patient's legal guardian.

The Centre, its orthotists and/or prosthetists shall provide competent services and should make great effort to meet the patient's orthotic or prosthetic needs in a professional and knowledgeable manner. The orthotist or prosthetist must continually strive to maintain and improve his/her professional knowledge and clinical/technical skills.

Trust and Honesty
The Centre's staff should maintain a reputation for truth and honesty to the patient, the public in general, and the referring physician. Additionally, our staff shall conduct themselves morally and ethically, so as to merit the confidence of referring physicians and the patients entrusted to his/her care, rendering to each a full measure of service and devotion.

Fees and Compensation
The Centre's staff shall not engage in false, misleading or deceptive actions in relation to the ultimate cost of the services being planned or provided. All patients and/or their legal guardians shall be informed of the Centre's billing, insurance and payment policies, as they relate to the patient's financial responsibilities, prior to receiving services.

Delays in Providing Service
The Centre's staff shall not accept a prescription if or when he or she knows, or has good cause to believe, that the orthotic or prosthetic device cannot be provided within a reasonable period of time. In such cases, the attending practitioner or a designated support staff person is obligated to discuss the situation with the patient and referring physician when necessary. Unwarranted delay in providing an orthotic or prosthetic service to the patient can result in pain, the continuing inability to function or both, and shall be avoided at all times.

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