Our Commitment To The Physician Or Health Care Agency
Diagnosis and Prescription
Our practitioners must receive direct orders from a physician or appropriately licensed healthcare provider in the form of a prescription, letter of referral and/or written or verbal order, before providing an orthotic or prosthetic service. The orders document the patient is ready for orthotic or prosthetic care and management. It is the physician's (or appropriately licensed healthcare provider's) responsibility to determine the medical need and appropriateness of orthotic or prosthetic care.

It is the responsibility of our staff orthotist and/or prosthetist to recommend the appropriate design of an orthosis or prosthesis, either directly or in consultation with the referring physician.

Following an evaluation of the patient, the orthotist and/or prosthetist shall document and recommend to the physician or other prescribing healthcare provider, specific orthotic or prosthetic care and management, as well as provide a rationale for the recommendation. The orthotist or prosthetist shall unhesitatingly volunteer any modifications in the orthotic or prosthetic management plan that would seemingly benefit the health and wellbeing of the patient.

Changes in Patient's Condition
The orthotist or prosthetist frequently has the opportunity to observe the patient's physical condition in connection with the provision of orthotic and/or prosthetic care and should be particularly alert, at such time, to determine whether unusual situations appear to exist that are related to the services being provided.

The orthotist or prosthetist is required to notify the physician or referring healthcare practitioner of any change(s) in the patient's condition connected with their medical management, which appears to require further medical evaluation and treatment.

Altering Orthotic and/or Prosthetic Devices
The orthotist or prosthetist may repair or adjust an orthotic or prosthetic device without notifying the referring healthcare provider. However, such repairs, adjustments and/or modifications must conform to the original orders and/or recommendations. Any repairs, adjustments, modifications and/or replacements which will substantially alter the original orders, must be brought to the attention of the referring physician for authorization and documentation as to their medical necessity.

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