Our Commitment to Colleagues & the Profession
Our staff orthotist and/or prosthetist has the personal and professional responsibility to conduct himself or herself in such a manner that will ensure the dignity and stature of the profession and the Centre.

The primary professional function of the Centre's staff is ensuring and carrying out services related to the evaluation, design, development and/or fitting of orthotic or prosthetic devices as part of the patient's medical management team. These services are professional in nature and should not be treated or presented as a commercial service. Any commercial marketing should be done in such a manner that is deemed professionally appropriate and not misleading of the profession or the services being offered.

Solicitation of Patients
It is unethical for any staff member of the Centre to solicit patronage of individual patients through direct or indirect means that entail the use of intimidation, threats, or related harassing conduct. Specific instances of improper conduct include, but are not limited to, undue influence, coercion, duress, unwarranted promises of benefits, or solicitation of a patient who is apparently in a physical or mental condition that impairs personal judgment as to decisions regarding the services being offered.

Competitive advertising between and among orthotists, prosthetists, other orthotic and/or prosthetic facilities or other healthcare practitioners is ethical and acceptable. It is unethical, however, for orthotists and prosthetists or their firms and organizations to utilize advertising that is false, misleading or deceptive in nature.

It is unethical for any staff member to share or promise to share any fees or compensation received in the course of doing business.

Advancement of Education
The Centre encourages our staff's participation in the development of educational programs which promote the welfare of the profession and the knowledge of the general public or other medical and allied healthcare colleagues. Such programs are entitled to the support, knowledge and professional skills of the Centre's practitioners and staff. It is unethical for our staff to participate in any programs, educational or otherwise, that falsely or deceptively represent the rights and privileges of patients requiring orthotic and prosthetic care or the profession.

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