Information You Can Use
The information found on the pages in this section of our internet site are intended to provide consumers of O&P healthcare, physicians, case managers, managed care coordinators and other rehabilitation professionals with comprehensive information on specific O&P areas of interest.

As we develop this section, it is our goal to include information based on our O&P philosophies, opinions and experiences, as well as those believed to be of a consensus within the profession.

The following is a list of current hyperlinks related to specific O&P topics:
General Information Inquiries
Should you have any questions about our services or your possible need for our services, please feel free to contact the Centre. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation appointment. In either case, do not hesitate to either phone the Centre at (330) 856-2553, or toll free (US only) at (888) 856-8686, or e-mail the Centre at .
Future Information Planned
As we continue to develop our site, we plan to include a wide variety of useful topics ranging from basic O&P care and use information to specific O&P design and fitting concepts considered in the development of an orthosis or a prosthesis.
Support Group Information
Additional helpful information can also be accessed at various O&P related support group internet sites. A listing of support groups and organizations we feel provide creditable information related to various disabilities can be found on Our Links page.

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