The Centre's Referral Process
Prior to providing any orthotic and/or prosthetic service, we must receive direct orders from an appropriately licensed or qualified physician, healthcare provider or healthcare organization, in the form of a prescription, letter of referral and/or written or verbal order. Verbal orders must be followed-up with a written prescription or letter of referral.

In the event a patient contacts the Centre for an appointment without having an appropriate referral, it would be the patient's responsibility to obtain the referral from his/her primary healthcare physician prior to being seen at the Centre.

Once a patient has scheduled an initial evaluation and/or consultation, it may also be necessary and helpful to have the following medical records forwarded to the Centre before the scheduled appointment:
  • Hospital Admission History & Physical
  • Operative Reports relative to the required O&P services
  • Hospital Discharge Summary or Rehabilitation Plan
It can be argued that education of the patient is at least as important as the design of the actual orthotic or prosthetic device. To aid in this process, time is taken during the initial evaluation to ensure that the patient is aware of all appropriate options, duration of treatment, possible complications and reasonable orthotic and prosthetic goals to be obtained.

Should you have any questions about scheduling an appointment or our services in general, do not hesitate to either phone the Centre at (330) 856-2553, or toll free (US only) at (888) 856-8686, or e-mail the Centre at .