A Reputation Based on Quality & Compassion
The Centre, since being founded in 1975, has developed a national and international reputation as a "Center of Excellence" for the quality of care provided by our staff under the direction of our Clinical and Executive Director, John N. Billock, CPO. Mr. Billock is respected world-wide for his expertise and contributions to the advancement of the profession of orthotics and prosthetics, including the clinical procedures involved in the assessment, design, development and fitting of prostheses and orthoses. More importantly, his compassion for assisting disabled individuals to return to as normal a life style as possible is shared by his staff and has become the hallmark of the Centre's reputation.

Our reputation for excellence in orthotic and prosthetic care has brought individuals from 38 states throughout the U.S., as well as from the countries of Canada, Colombia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, and South Africa, seeking the level of care provided by the Centre.

We are proud of our reputation and the unique opportunities it has given us to provide a world-wide service to those individuals seeking the specialized level of care we are known to provide.

Additional information regarding the Centre's worldwide reputation can be viewed in the Our Research sections of our web site.