General Orthotic & Prosthetic Services
Our Centre's staff provides comprehensive clinical, technical and administrative services for both pediatric and adult individuals in need of orthotic and/or prosthetic healthcare services.

Our comprehensive services involve a careful assessment and evaluation of one's physical needs and/or disability as they relate to the specific design and development of an appropriate orthosis (orthopedic brace or support) and/or a prosthesis (artificial limb). Our services involve the complete management of one's orthotic and/or prosthetic needs related to the treatment of neuro-muscular and/or musculo-skeletal disorders of the body, which include congenital and/or acquired amputations, as well as necessary short or long-term follow-up care.

Clinical Services: Our professional clinical services involve evaluation and assessment of one's specific orthotic and/or prosthetic needs by one of our clinical staff practitioners. This initial evaluation and assessment is based on the current and past medical history information provided by the referring physician, as well as the patient. This information is essential in determining the extent of services to be provided and assuring the best possible outcome. Additional consultation and/or interaction with the referring physician, as well as other healthcare providers involved in one's medical care and management is often required.

Technical Services: Our technical laboratory services involve the design and development of specific orthoses and/or prostheses utilizing state-of-the-art principles, components, and materials. Our technical staff is highly skilled in the areas of plastics, metals, mechanical and electronics engineering technologies, as they relate to the design and development of all types of orthoses and prostheses. The specific design of one's orthosis and/or prosthesis is determined by input from the referring physician and our attending clinical staff practitioners.

Administrative Services: Our administrative services involve the maintenance of all medical and healthcare insurance information, as it relates to the orthotic and/or prosthetic rehabilitation engineering services we provide. Our administrative staff keeps current with the ever-changing federal, state and private healthcare regulations which affect the efficient delivery of our services.
General Clinical & Technical Services
Our professional clinical staff provides comprehensive assessments, evaluations and follow-up care for all types of orthoses and prostheses. These services are specifically related to the design, development and fitting of all types of custom designed and/or custom-fitted orthoses and prostheses.

The following describes the general clinical and/or technical orthotic and prosthetic services provided by the Centre:

Evaluation and Assessment: Each individual's need for orthotic and/or prosthetic care is evaluated and assessed as it relates to the patient's primary diagnosis, their current medical history and the desired orthotic and/or prosthetic outcome.

Consultation: When necessary, or upon specific request, verbal and/or written consultation is provided regarding recommended orthotic and/or prosthetic care, status of ongoing care, or need for additional care.

Pre-Orthotic or Prosthetic Follow Up Care: Follow up care that is provided when necessary or upon specific request by the attending physician, based upon the specific services to be provided and/or the patient's condition in preparation for initiating the development and fitting of an orthosis and/or prosthesis.

Post-Orthotic or Prosthetic Follow Up Care: Short or long-term follow up care is provided to all patients based upon their specific need and/or the care rendered to assure proper fitting and function of their orthosis and/or prosthesis.

Hospital, Nursing Home and House Calls: Services that are provided outside of the clinical and technical setting of the Centre are dependent upon the patient's specific need or transportation situation for receiving orthotic and/or prosthetic care.

Emergency Orthotic or Prosthetic Hospital Care: Emergency services provided in the hospital at the request of an attending physician.

Diagnostic Orthosis or Prosthesis Assessments: Services related to the design and development of an orthosis and/or prosthesis for the purpose of assessing and determining its specific design, as well as confirming the need and/or outcome of a service to be provided.

Surface EMG Potential Assessments: Specific surface EMG muscle potential examinations conducted for the purpose of assessing and/or monitoring muscle condition for utilizing myoelectrically controlled orthoses and/or prostheses.

EMG Biofeedback Muscle Development and Training: Specific EMG muscle potential development and training for the purpose of acquiring and/or optimizing muscle condition, as well as the desired neuromuscular control for a myoelectrically controlled orthosis or prosthesis.

Orthosis or Prosthesis Adjustments and Modifications: Clinical and/or technical adjustments to an orthosis or prosthesis to assure its proper fitting or function.

Orthosis or Prosthesis Evaluation and Assessment: Technical evaluation and assessment of an orthosis or prosthesis to determine the proper function of components and/or systems, as well as its general condition related to the need for service and/or maintenance.

Orthosis or Prosthesis Maintenance and Repair: Technical maintenance and/or repair for an orthosis or prosthesis to assure proper function of its mechanical and/or electro-mechanical components and systems.
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